Eva Alonso

Born in Madrid 1978

Valencia University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2001

Currently  based in Barcelona

Her work summons up in two projects:


Recent activities


  •  Solo show “Ubi pus, ibi evacua”  Mutuo Gallery , Barcelona
  • Group show "Fake Paradise"  És-fera 72 Gallery, Sant Cugat , Barcelona.
  • "When your uncle is your dad"  (collaboration with ID:MORA), selected in Kaboom animation festival, Utrecht, Netherlands


  • Cartel para el corto “Nina de paper” de la productora de cine independiente Círculo Bipolar, Barcelona.


  • “Viernes Negro” Hell Gallery, Barcelona
  • Group show“Limbo” Hell Collective at Club Choko , Barcelona


  • Group show “Deep Art”  Art Centre Mutuo, Barcelona
  • Piel Magazine presentation at Art Centre Mutuo, Barcelona
  • Group show “Purgatory” Hell Collective at Art Centre Mutuo, Barcelona


  •  Solo show “Fuckshima” Artevistas Gallery , Barcelona
  • “Lau Fest 2014” Art Centre Mutuo, Barcelona
  • “Amor bruto” Art Centre La Contra, Barcelona
  • “Col·lectiva de Petit Format” Espai B Gallery, Barcelona
  • “La Bobina”, exposition of portfolios of different artists, Espacio Oculto, Madrid
  • “Colectiva de verano” Espai B Gallery, Barcelona
  •  Illustrations  for Piel Magazine nº1
  • “Le Salon” Lafutura Gallery, Barcelona
  • My paintings and drawings included in a scene of  the movie ’31 gradi Kelvin’by Giovanni Calvaruso, Palermo, (Italia)


  • Art installation “Don´t you fucking look at me” with the video artist ID:MORA in  KONVENT.O Festival. Barcelona. Spain
  • “Dissection” ‘Astillero’ showroom , Barcelona. Spain


  • Solo show “Abattoir: vestidor de cerdos y zorras”, Eat Meat gallery, (Barcelona)
  • MMAC Showroom , Barcelona. Spain
  • drawn textures for  3D animation ‘GUILTY…HMMM’ by video artist ID:MORA


  • “Libido” Eat Meat art gallery , Barcelona. Spain
  • Illustrations  for Caldo de cultivo nª6 (Barcelona)
  • Illustration  for Gestrococlub nº 10 ¨Vaampyr¨ (France)